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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  September 4, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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oblems. join the millions already taking ozempic®. ask your health care provider about the ozempic® tri-zone. announcer: you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. i've got four experts here to discuss the consequences of his words. plus, remember all that talk about red wave in november? now, after the dobbs decision, it's looking more like a row
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wave. within the terms just nine weeks away, i'm talking live to rising democratic star michigan state senator mallory mcmorrow. and later another week, another report of ginni thomas trying to overturn the 2020 election. you might be surprised to know just how -- she seemed to be very passionate about the peaceful transfer of power. i'll do my best introduced pasture need to courage any thomas all of that and more is coming up. and a happy sunday morning to you this labor day weekend. i am kate. even though trump lashing out last night, lashing out at biden in the doj. and revealing more details about the search at the mar-a-lago. states including a claim that eight to suddenly look through melania things but also a 16 year old sons room.
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for all of the highlights and the low, lights we turn to nbc news correspondent george police in pennsylvania. good morning, george. >> good, morning katie. certainly a lot to unpack in this nearly two-hour address to his supporters. mr. trump here in the states wrote his picks for governor and senate. dog master on doctor oz, mehmet oz here. he spent most of the time on the defensive. he mentioned going right into that poll debauchery about the rate at mar-a-lago. saying that it was a travesty and really critical of the doj and the fbi, after this in tyrell a. you mentioned this impacted his family as well. both mast rouhani and dr. oz approach to stage briefly by the night was clearly about donald trump. but they also went back to some of his greatest hits, mentioning how the 2020
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election was stolen for him. though they did not explicitly mention a interest in running for the white house in 2024, they certainly hinted that it's. as you mentioned, when he started talking about the doj and the fbi, one of the things that clearly caught a lot of people's attention is what the fbi did at mar-a-lago. owing to the story to say about that. take a listen. >> they rifle through the first ladies closet drawers, and everything else. and even did 80 pans ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son. leaving everything they touched him for a different condition than it was when they started. can you believe it? >> and katie, we talked to a number of supporters here, many
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of them saying that their support for the former president has not wavered. many saying that it has empowered them as well. we're still waiting to see if that florida judge will appoint their special master that the trump legal team is waiting for. and at this point we do not see any other rallies scheduled for mr. trump. but certainly one could say that he was laying the groundwork for that run in 2024. a lot of eyes are now watching and waiting to see what happens next. katie. >> our thanks to george police, but we are not done with this topic yet. coming, up my panel will dig deeper into why the fbi's search parents room, and what it could say about the investigation. but now, to some breaking news on the missing heiress who was kidnapped on friday during her early morning run near the university of memphis. police say a suspect linked e.l.i.s.a. flashers abduction and has not been charged with aggravated kidnapping and tampering with evidence. the suspect identified as 38-year-old male with a criminal history, and he previously pled guilty to a separate kidnapping incident
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back in 2001, and was sentenced to 24 years in prison. police are still looking for the teacher and the mom of two. here is nbc's jesse kershaw with more. >> memphis police say they found this suv more than 36 hours after a mother of two was allegedly shoved inside, it's not seeing sense. authorities say they also detained the vehicles occupant, but they still have not found e.l.i.s.a. flush, her as her disappearance grows more mysterious. >> he two young boys that obviously we are worried about, and is just a great lady. really just the best mom. >> searching for any sign of the 34-year-old who is called fletcher's home friday, taking a laptop, garden shears and towing away the vehicle. >> they are probably looking for anything but friends they have, dna, hairs, things they may be able to match. the garden shears is probably the less obvious thing. police say they have additional information that they obviously
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are trying to hold back. >> police say she was on her -- early fighting the university of memphis one unknown person approach. pleasure forced into this dark suv and authorities later found her water bottle and her phone smashed. the granddaughter of a local hardware store magnate not seen sense. >> we will continually push information as we get it. but again our concern is to look at miss fletcher. so if anybody knows where she is, that call the police immediately. >> now her memphis family offering $50,000 to find her kidnapper. >> the odds of a positive outcome go down as time goes on. both in 48 hours, and anywhere in the globe. >> police say the fbi has joined the search for this beloved junior kindergarten teacher. st. mary's opposable school calling her caring and passionate, with a smile that break-ins every room she. enters him of his community praying the smile returns to the classroom, safely, soon. >> our thanks to jessica, urge
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residents and, jackson mississippi are one step closer to having running water this morning. officials say that water pressure has been restored to most of the city, but it is not drinkable yet. residents must continue boiling what comes out of their taps. boil water notice is still in effect after an entire month. mississippi is officially remaining under a state of emergency, with the national guard onsite distributing millions of water bottles. and millions of americans are traveling this holiday weekend as the summer of post covid travel comes to a close. aaa reporting the most of those people will be hitting the road with gas prices going down. but there is trouble in the skies, across the country we are still facing massive delays and cancellations. now perry is live for us that ronald reagan national airport. good, morning cow, what is it like down there this morning? >> katie, so far so good. today we have not had any major delays in any of the major airports. so far today, it was a different. story about 400 flights
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delayed. that is at not at all out of the ordinary for whites travelers have faced in august. we saw almost a quarter of all flights delayed across the country. that is what folks are going to be facing as they head out this weekend. we know that a 2% of americans will be traveling this weekend. 32% of americans. that is a huge number. 100 million people. the vast majority will be taking to roads. inflation overhangs this whole weekend. gas prices are still about 20% higher than they were a year ago, even though they have fallen about it's all or just the past 30 days. that is why so many americans are choosing to drive instead of a lie. if you do choose to fly, there is a new tsa and department of transportation dashboard, which has been put on line to help you through with has been a very difficult summer. they will show you which airlines are offering hotels, which airlines are offering food, trigger like it's a light. but, katie. look it is bad out. they're always a backup plan. and certainly americans this year to think you hit the roads
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as the flying in large numbers. katie. >> kyle, perry thank you so much live at reagan national. coming, up trump reveals new information about the fbi search on his florida home. was his 16-year-old sons room within the scope of that search warrants? i have a panel of experts ready to dig in. and, later forget predictions about a red wave in november. could we see a row wave instead? all of that and more after the break. er the break. with 20 made-to-order griddle combos, there's a perfect plate for everyone. great value for all your favorites only from ihop. download the app and earn free food with every order. my most important kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger. the last 2 years have been hard on everyone. and teens are no exception.
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first rally since the fbi search mar-a-lago. along with his usual fearmongering and lies,, we did get some new information. as we mentioned earlier trump is now alleging that the search of mar-a-lago included the room of his teenage son, baron. >> even did a deep an ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son. leaving everything they touched
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and far different condition than it was when they started. can you believe it? the fbi and the justice department have become vicious monsters. controlled by radical left scoundrels, lawyers in the media who tell them what to do, you people right there, and wind to do it. >> was he pointing to us as the media? trump also continued his bizarre obsession with this evidence photo claiming that officials quote station to make a look like that's how he actually kept the files. i can tell you as a former prosecutor that is a completely normal evidence photo. there is nothing staged about it. it seems to really bother him though and as you heard trump keeps on ramping up his scorched earth campaign against law enforcement agencies investigating him. this is the presumptive leader of the republican party. which claims to be the party of law and order. let's welcome in my first expert panel for today. renata mariotti's a former fellow prosecutor and legal affairs columnist for politico. matthew miller is a former
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special adviser for the national security council. gentlemen, thank you for joining me this sunday morning. i want to start with you, a burn auto. i'm going to read you a very quick excerpt from that doj affidavit. it says quote this affidavit seeks authorization to search the 45 office in all storage rooms and any other rooms or locations were boxes or records may be stored within the premises. renato, trump is alleging the of e i searched baron's room and millennia's roars, whatever, even if it proves to be accurate, is that a problem for the doj? >> not unless there aren't any records there or any reasonable -- in other words, if trump is storing boxes of classified documents or presidential records or other types of documents that could potentially be one or the other in the veteran baron trump then he should understand that that's why the justice department is searching their. let's face it.
4:16 am
i don't think -- >> i would concur with that statement. matt, shifting to you, let's talk about those empty folders with markings raising serious alarm bells all weekend long. how can the officials conducting the intelligence damage assessment that we know is happening right now with the odni? how can they determine what materials or documents were located in those now empty folders? >> most likely, they will be able to. those fuller simply are not label. they just declassified and they're what you used to transport a document from one classified setting to another. so anyone who might see you on the way can see the contents of the documents are carrying. i think we have to assume that one of two things happened. one is that these boulders contained hire classified information that the former president lost or gave away or sold. there's no evidence that's yet to support that. the other possibilities of the folders contain these documents that you see in the photo on the screen right now. the way he was storing them,
4:17 am
they just gotten and moved around in and fact one of the things that was disclosed in a previous filing is that the archives, when they received the first set of documents that there were mixed and classified documents were not contained in the folders that were supposed to be. it's perfectly possible that no document was lost but these documents are an all mixed together. what the intelligence committee is going have to do is knowledge of the folders but look at the documents themselves. which is one of the reasons it's so important that the judge in this case not appoint a special master that would take all these documents from the intelligence community that needs to do this very important risk assessment. >> renato, to matt's point here, we're waiting for that decision from that federal judge as to whether or not trump gets his special master that he wants. isn't the reality that the special master is not going to dictate whether trump ultimately gets indicted? so how much of a loss would be through doj if a special master does get appointed and the judge allows the intelligence damage assessment to continue?
4:18 am
>> i have to say, i think it's a very limited loss if any at all for the justice department. i am really skeptical regarding the request for a special master now the defense attorney and if i a client wanted to do something like that or somebody suggested that to me i would say in this context of this case i don't see how it moves double forward for the defense much. i really don't. it doesn't delay think that that much. -- they have a lot of work to do. they've already seen all the documents. they can continue forward with their investigation. yes, it's -- it does take some resources and yes you can take some time. but the government can handle that. i really just don't see it accomplishing much in the long run. >> matt, at the beginning of our segment together, we were talking about the trump rally last night. i want to play a quick clip for you from that rally. featuring georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. elastic listen.
4:19 am
>> we're going to totally defund joe biden's 87,000 irs army. and i definitely think the oppression of the department of justice and fbi does not deserve a paycheck. we have to hold them accountable. republicans will give oversight on every single committee. we will have investigations with that won't be enough for me. >> matt keeping in mind trump also called president biden an enemy of the state, -- well we keep seeing headlines about a higher risk for political violence in the next few months, how does this not create a domestic national security crisis for us? >> it is. there's an ongoing domestic national security crisis. president biden spoke about a very eloquently on thursday night. and it's not a question of just political differences, as the president made clear. the problem is when one faction of the united states, now the entire republican party but a significant portion of the republican party believes that political violence is an
4:20 am
appropriate way to settle domestic differences. and so when you see the president continue to whip up anger out the country, when you see the president continue to claim that legitimate law enforcement functions are illegitimate when they're used against him. you can see him continue to press his claim that the election was stolen from him. even promise that if he's reelected, he will pardon some of the january six defendants who have been convicted. it tells you that the political crisis that we have been in for several years for some time since donald trump versus -- first entered the scene has not gone away. in fact, it continues to escalate. >> >> renato, i got less in a minute didn't to get this last question to you. september is now here. the ones -- who plans to hold more public hearings this month. adam kinzinger has been interviewed and he's been saying we're going to focus on the money. we're going to follow the money. is that critical in your opinion for the 16 committee to determine where the funding came for for the stop the steal
4:21 am
movement and perhaps for the insurrection on 16? >> i do think it's important because ultimately, the justice department does -- criminal cases against the insurrectionists and people who attacked the capitol themselves. but the real question is, who coordinated that attack? who financed that attack? who organized it? and really, the money is a really important way of getting at that? >> renato mariotti, matthew miller, again, appreciate your insight from both of you for taking the time to join us. still ahead, the gop infighting spreading to fox news of all places. three house going out it over the different factions of the republican party. you don't want to miss this. damage, let safelite come to you. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: my customer enjoys time with her family. so when her windshield got a crack... she scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to her house... ...replaced the windshield...
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joe biden came to philadelphia pennsylvania to give the most vicious hateful and divisive speech ever delivered by an american president. you are all enemies of the state. he's an enemy of the state. you want to know the truth. the fbi and the justice department have become vicious monsters. controlled by radical left scoundrels, lawyers in the media who tell them what to do. >> reminding me of why i'm not missing that. donald trump whipping up his supporters last night in pennsylvania and teasing another potential run in 2024. predictably, he attacked president biden's primetime speech last week. incorrectly asserting that biden vilified anyone who voted for trump. biden in fact warned americans about threats to our democracy from extremist republicans that are loyal to trump. trump's unhinged rally last night is emblematic of his
4:27 am
approach when he's under fire. >> it is quite something to see the consistency when which this man unravels as the pressure builds. the worst things get for him, the worse his lashing out gets. >> mary trump on our show yesterday explaining how or uncle reacts when he is in hot water. and boy, is that water boiling. trump is facing a slew of investigations. everything from his actions on january 6th and helps to overturn the 2020 election. at the retaining of classified government documents at his florida home. to inquiries -- for inside analysis on all of this, we are joined by my good friends atlantic treaty miter molly john fasten former george hollywood political strategist matthew dowd who is now a independent. good morning, molly and matt. molly, starting with the u.s.. so far, it appears that anything bad for trump legally seems to benefit trump politically.
4:28 am
do you think this is ever going to change? >> i'm not sure it benefits from politically as much of the benefits trump financially. he has found that he can raise a lot of money on investigations. which he as we're seeing now with this reporting about the republican parties money problems. is using to pay for lawyers in for what else. but not a surly for republican candidates. i think we're coming closer and closer to having trump an actual collusion with the trump's needs being in collision with the needs of the republican party. and so, while he's raising money for himself, he's not necessarily raising money for the party. >> matt, we've seen trump lashed out again and again with the walls are closing in. that's nothing new, right? that playbook has worked for him in the past. the ad hominem attacks, the lies, do you think it's going to work this time? i think there's a consensus that the walls really do seem to be closing in on him right now and he is in serious legal peril. >> with donald trump, there is
4:29 am
this interesting political phenomenon which is as he's under attack and as he gets more outrageous, which his base loves, he solidifies his shrinking base more and than it does himself damage among the broader general public. that's what happened simultaneously which is why there's many times this misread of what trump's strength is in this. he has a strength among the republican base which has a set is shrinking. it gets broader as he's under attack in as he launches attacks. but every day he does that and i've seen it over the last five years. every day he does that while he solidified his base. he's hurting himself among the broader general election. so i don't think it's going to benefit him though the base seems to love it. >> matt, sticking with you quickly, biden and trump, they're targeting pennsylvania. we're seeing that happen. biden expecting to make a stop in pittsburgh tomorrow. we're also observing trump's campaign activity in that state. politico writes quote the fact that trump has zeroed in on that swing state for the
4:30 am
politically symbolic labor day weekend. the unofficial kickoff of the midterms as we now. demonstrates how pivotal pennsylvania's to his success this year and more likely than not, a future presidential campaign. man, what would it mean for trump's political future if people like oz and mastriano, who he has embraced endorsed, and of losing? >> i think it becomes a confirmation of his dwindling ability to talk to a broader public. as i was just saying. it shows that he has a base, it's 20 or 25% of the country. that he can speak to that he can motivate. but he has no longer an ability to affect the people that are actually going to win and lose elections. to me, pennsylvania is a great microcosm state of where the country is as a whole. it's going to tell us a lot on election night because pennsylvania is one of the states where you have pittsburgh on one side philadelphia in the middle. philadelphia on the other and you basically have alabama and mississippi between the two states. which is often how it described. that's why the state so pivotal
4:31 am
in this election. and if he loses it just shows the republican party. he's damaging them in a general election while they still have to pay attention to him in primaries. >> molly, last night doctor oz attempting to kind of reissue some self. reintroduce them selves to the voters. let's take a listen. >> let me tell you a little bit about myself. things you may not have heard. my parents were immigrants, they came illegally. and like -- like all the immigrants that come to this country, they loved america. because they witnessed the american dream. >> molly, i'm just noticing, it's almost like he's emulating trumped the way that he was just speaking right now. disturbing. molly, you've written in the atlantic about the difficulty doctor oz his having trying to win over voters in his state or allegedly in his state. why is this? do you think's attempts to reintroduce himself to voters is necessarily going to help his campaign?
4:32 am
>> i don't know what can help his campaign at this point. he's so far behind. he's also just not you saw that rally he got a polite clap. he's just kind of the wrong person to push for the mega message. i think that's been a real problem for them. he's been on tv for a long time. he's had a very successful career as a surgeon. and yet, this sort of things that made him a good surgeon continue to make him a terrible political candidate. his exacting this, the lecturing, the kind of i know better than you. you want that in a surgeon, i'm not sure you want that in a senator. >> matt, as media heads -- it is increasingly looking like the fight for the soul of the republican party is playing out on the curvy couch of fox & friends. take a listen. >> not all republicans are maga. just like not all democrats love the squad. so there are different factions
4:33 am
within -- >> i would say the vast majority of republicans are probably maga republicans. there is the smallest sliver of people who agree with liz cheney. >> maga is not extremists. january six is an aberration. >> i respectfully disagree. maybe i wouldn't be so respectful when i disagree. matt, these three foxholes fighting over the direction and the future of the gop. call it for us. who is right? >> to me, as i watch that, i think of through people that are patience and one flew over the cuckoo's nest reflecting on the other patients that are in the floor telling us -- >> where it's nurse ratchet? >> yeah, exactly. they're part of the crazy, right? they helped create this mess that we're in. i actually agree with one of the hosts. maga republicans are the majority, the vast majority of what was now composed of the republican party today. when they win almost 95% of the primaries, electing nominating
4:34 am
election deniers in the course of this. they are the majority of the republican party. what i found interesting about that is one of the house basically said no, they're not all mega, meaning they're not all crazy. which is actually interesting thing to now have to describe mega republicans which is, we're not all of them. >> matt, you and i are from a republican so i kind of, i see how that's actually may be appealing that were former bookends. molly john fast matthew dowd thank you for being here this morning on a sunday we appreciate it. >> and coming up goodbye red wave hello row wave. one polls are saying women are just so fired up he's never seen anything like it before. how woman in michigan are capitalizing off that momentum. coming up next. coming up next ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪
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subway's drafting 12 new subs, for the all-new subway series menu. let's hear about this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken. you should've been #1. this isn't about the sandwich, is it chuck? it's not. the new subway series. what's your pick? so a few months ago, the
4:38 am
question wasn't if a right away was coming but just how big would it be? but june stabs ruling that something quite remarkable. it helped to form what some are calling a roe wave and it's gaining momentum ahead of november's midterms. check out this quote from yesterday's times. women are registering to vote in numbers i've never witnessed. i have run out of superlatives to describe how different this moment is. that's from a democratic pollster we've been analyzing elections for more than two decades. exhibit a. deep red kansas shocking the nation when voters there rejected an amendment that would've removed the right to an abortion from the states
4:39 am
constitution. out of all the newly registered voters there are a whopping 70% -- seven 0% were women. that pollster i mention conducted a similar analysis across several other states and the pattern became clear. more women want to vote. now some people in michigan are attempting to recreate the momentum of that kansas vote in their state. residents there needed 425,000 signatures to force a vote to enshrine abortion rights in the michigan constitution. the energy around the petition was off the charts. organizer turned in more than 700,000 signatures. because to election border hoboken voted no on the measure they couldn't certify it so it now goes to the state supreme court which leads democratic. with me to talk about all of this is michigan state senator mallory mcmorrow. senator it is always an honor to have you on the show. let's talk about that attempt. that petition. those republican board members
4:40 am
opposed this citizens-led effort because they say that it was too vague or sloppily written and -- i read they were literally nitpicking over the number of spaces between the words but are you optimistic that the michigan supreme court will agree and allow this amendment to make to the ballot on time? >> thanks katie. you are exactly right. i think what is apparent is that the republicans on the state board of kansas were looking for any reason to reject this ballot measure. they actually rejected over spacing. they argue the couldn't read between the lines and they argue that 750,000 people couldn't possibly have known what they were signing. which is absolutely ridiculous. i'm confident that the supreme court will take this up and send it to the ballot because at the end of the day it is about giving people the right to vote and this republican party is expressing just how openly hostile they are two people voting. >> i also want to talk with the possibility of this row wave as
4:41 am
it's being called. we are seeing more women registering to vote. and now we're also seeing support for the legalization of abortion roe -- growth since the dobbs reeling according to a wall street journal poll. are you seeing this row wave on a national basis or do you think is just focusing on the key battleground states so far? >> i think that it is a national basis. this is such a wake up call and i talk to women of all ages. young people who are fighting for roe with the first time around. who say they never expected that roe roe would fall but it did. i think that so many people held on to that precedent and thought they would always have this protection. it has reawakened this energy that cuts across party lines. that cuts across age groups. it is up to women to decide what we do with our own bodies and the most personal decision which is if and when we get pregnant and stay pregnant safely. >> we're seeing also republicans reacting to this
4:42 am
row a wave. there are scrubbing their support for total abortion bans off of things like their websites. tom barrett, for example, the gop nominee for michigan's seventh congressional district at some point took out a section from his campaign website that said he would work to quote protect life from conception. he told the detroit news he didn't know whether website change and that he still opposes abortion without exceptions. senator, do you think that this and other examples that we've been noting in our reporting lately? do you think this is just a coincidence? >> this is laughable. tom is a sitting colleague of mine. he has introduced legislation time and time again to curb access to abortion. and has said proudly that he does not support any exceptions in line with so many of our republican candidates. so it's easy to delete a few words of your website but you can't run from your voting record and you can't run from your stances. those of us on the ground here in michigan. we are doing our duty to remind
4:43 am
everyone of who people like tom barrett actually are to make sure they know who is actually going to fight for them in november and not against them. >> senator, before i had let you go, i wanted to ask you. we really started to get to know about you when you are the target of some very violent rhetoric from gop lawmaker who falsely described you as a groomer in a fund-raiser email. it prompted your incredibly inspiring and spirited speech that you did which ended up raising for your campaign 1 million dollars. which is obviously much more than the mere $300 that your opponent had raised. does this prove then, senator, that republicans extremists language, it's just not going to work for them anymore? >> it absolutely does. i want to be clear. i raised 1 million dollars for my senate democratic colleagues. for my partners to make sure that we are doing what we need to do to elect more democrats and fight back against lying, fearmongering and targeting of other people. it just doesn't work. people are sick of it and i
4:44 am
said then and i believe it now. hate won't win. and it's on those of us to stand up against it in a fight back. >> senator mallory mcmorrow again always an honor to have you here on the show. i appreciate your time this morning. >> thanks, katie. >> coming up. oops, she did it again. ginni thomas is back in the spotlight as new reporting revealing how she lobbied to overturn the 2020 election results in yet another state. oh give you my take after the break. is way. high cholesterol. heart disease. 17 fad diets... 5 kids... 3 grandkids... 1 heart attack. and 18 passwords that seem to change daily. with leqvio, john can lower his cholesterol— and so can you. when taken with a statin, leqvio is proven to lower bad cholesterol by over 50%
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4:48 am
turns out it wasn't just arizona. ginni thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas also tried to overturn biden's 2021 in wisconsin. she has yet to face any accountability for her actions. i had a little message for her and for the 16 committee this week on my peacock show. >> consider everything we
4:49 am
already knew about the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. in march, we learn from the washington post ginni thomas exchange multiple text messages in communications with trump then chief of staff, mark meadows. in messages obtained by the post, thomas promoted conspiracy theories and advise how donald trump could hold on to power. in one, she wrote quote, do not concede. it takes time for the army who was gathering for his back. weeks later, we learned from the post that was not just mark meadows that she reached out to. but 29 arizona lawmakers. in emails, the paper obtained, she urged the state legislature to set aside the slate of electors chosen by the voters and instead, she was there elm trump electors. writing please take action to ensure that a clean slate of electors is chosen from our state. the language sounded a lot like a memo written by trump lawyer john eastman. in which he outlined his proposal to keep donald trump in power.
4:50 am
lo and behold, days later we learned that ginni thomas and john eastman were in fact corresponding. that was according to three people that were involved in the investigation. being conducted by the house january six committee. now, we have a new reporting from the washington post that ginni thomas was not just sending emails to lawmakers in arizona. the post reports that she was also sending those emails to lawmakers in a second battleground state wisconsin. according to emails obtained by the post other state public records law. nbc news has not independently verified the new reporting. but the post says that under thomas nor -- when we need answers to what ginni thomas is referred to simply misconceptions in an interview with the daily caller back in june. because even as new cycles flow and focus change the truth still matters. it matters that the wife of a supreme court justice was
4:51 am
promoting a ways to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election. the very same supreme court justice who refused to recuse himself in a case involving the 2020 election and january 6th. he was the sole dissenting justice in the courts decision to turn over records to the 16 committee. records from people like mark meadows that revealed his communications with ginni thomas. our trust in the court in its integrity matters. in the peaceful transfer of power in this country matters. just ask ginni thomas. >> i think hillary clinton and i thank barack obama for a ceding to this ballot, battle that happened in america. because it's not madison wisconsin today. but for some people, the rhetoric is out of control. for some people, there is threatened violence and there is intolerance. i just call on democrat leaders
4:52 am
to control your groups on the far left. and try to help them stand up to what makes america great which is the peaceful transformation of power. >> her words. not mine. what makes america great is the peaceful transfer of power. so the january six committee must get the answer is that america needs. to make violence and intolerance a thing of the past. coming up, rooting for the home team. [applause] friday night lights shone bright in uvalde texas as the town's high school football team brought the community together for their first home game of the season. the outcome of that emotional game when we come back. ome back
4:53 am
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we're bringing you the nation's largest gig speed network. available to more homes than anyone else. and with xfi complete, get 10x faster upload speeds. tech upgrades for your changing wifi needs. and advanced security at home and on the go to block millions of threats. only from us... xfinity. time for some sunday morning inspiration. nearly three and a half months after the tragic elementary school shooting that killed 19 students and two teachers in uvalde, texas, the community came together for the very first high school football game of the season. as uvalde high school players took the field, it's no surprise the crowd was all in for the home team. jose diaz -- has that story. >> this is what home sounds
4:57 am
like. the humidity gathering in uvalde, texas, for the first high school home game of the season. one bright light for a city still reeling from tragedy. 21 killed in a mass shooting at robb elementary in may. these small moments of joy, a chance to share their unwavering sense of unity and motto, uvalde strong. uvalde coyotes coach wade miller making a vow after pulling his team through an uncertain summer of grief. >> they're going to play hard for you guys. they're going to play hard for each other and they're going to play hard for the town. we love you. >> leading the line up, a senior justin -- selected by his teammates for the honor of wearing the number 21 jersey. >> the game beginning with prayer and 21 seconds of silence. >> and here we go!
4:58 am
>> that kick off. >> that is a perfectly -- >> by the end of the night, a stunning victory for uvalde. 34 to 28. it's a win at this city so desperately needs. >> everybody was on their feet and yelling and screaming. just -- those last five minutes, they were -- that was awesome. those kids dug it in and pulled it off. >> these hometown heroes celebrated at a parade downtown. we're nearby, there are new signs of encouragement to uplift heavy hearts. i was in uvalde this week with artist tina ortega's. his mural honoring the loved ones lost with a message to never forget. >> what draws you to do what you do. >> coming out here and donating my time and resources. it's a way i can give back. help those that are grieving. hopefully help with the healing
4:59 am
process. >> our thanks to jose diaz ballard for that story. and another bright spot for the big winners. the houston texas invited them to their season opener against the colts next week. the texans provided the uvalde high school team with a new nike uniforms for this year. and will where uvalde strong decals on their helmets in next week's game. thank you so much for watching the katie phang show. we'll be vexed next saturday at sunday at 7 am eastern. you can also casualness busloads of the show of the msnbc hub on peacock every thursday and friday. and don't forget to follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook and tiktok. velshi starts right now. today on velshi. dispatches remain -- very change political landscape. we gather some of the best wars and thinkers we know to talk this morning about big lie's political violence and fight for democracy. plus we're supposed to be just living with covid now but 500 people are still dying from it
5:00 am
every day. much of america is about to return to the office for the first time in more than two years. what you need to know about the risks and the new covid boosters. then and almost prophetic conversation with the one anomaly margaret atwood. we've got a special edition of the velshi banned book club coming up. bill she starts now. >> good morning to you. it is saturday, september the 4th. having lived a weekend. i'm ali velshi. we talk as you know a lot on this show. about how imperiled our democracy is after the lawlessness of the trump administration, the damage caused by the insurrection on january 6th. the ongoing minutes of the big lie and the slow boiling threat of another coup that comes along with it. but whether or not on trump's prosecuted. whether or not he runs for president. we are living in a changed america. for one thing, the threat of violence now -- ignored or excused or even defended by trump and republican


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